Capital Management Software for Routing Nodes

Capital Management

Operating a routing node is really about managing capital efficiently.

If you look past the technical challenges, what you are trying to do is to stack more sats or support the network by routing more. Whatever your motivation is, managing your capital efficiently is important.

Set up Torq today! It's free and open source: Starting to collect data now and you will be able to analyse your data with increasingly advanced tools as new features are rolled out.


Built to Manage Routing Nodes

Torq is in early beta and more features are being rolled out on a weekly basis. But we are building Torq specifically for routing nodes to help you Track what's relevant, Stop guessing and Stay in Control.

Track what's relevant

Don't waste time on vanity metrics. Torq helps you track the data you need to categorize and identify channels that are worth keeping.

Stop guessing

Torq finds the relevant information and visualize it for you in an interface optimized for routing nodes.

Stay in control

Torq will give you a set of tools to control and automate your operation. Help you stay in control and be alerted to potential issues.

Jump in

It's still early

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You can support us by connecting to our routing node. Find the detailshere on Amboss.